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We view art in many ways in a modern society-VR is advancing technological storytelling, Netflix and streaming at home on a tablet is replacing movie theatre experiences. More and more live art will be a place where audiences can connect with performers. Theatre is an ever changing landscape and we strive to find a way to install traditional training models and moving with the times to investigate new forms of telling stories.

In 2016 Railtown Actors Studio sought to have a development incubator program and continue its legacy to train artists for the performing arts. 

A donation to our Studio will help us continue our goal to offer comprehensive training at an affordable rate and pursue an engagement with emerging artists.

  • Renovations to our studio to update our facilities
  • Inviting guest artists to teach and introduce different artistic practices

Corporate Sponsorship

As Vancouver’s premium acting studio, Railtown Actors plays a crucial role in the cultural identity of our city. It is a centre for excellence in the craft of acting and innovation in the pursuit of art – right in the heart of Vancouver’s historic – and hip – Railtown district. Most important, it is a bricks and mortar “home” for local youth to test their wings while they participate in the international entertainment megaplex.

A partnership with Railtown Actors Studio links your company with a brand that honors the classics while continually reaching for that cutting edge – and drawing blood. It offers your company a chance to perform important civic leadership in an arena where it is cool to work hard in the pursuit of greatness.

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For more information about how you can contribute to our studio, contact:

Mary Beach
Media & Sponsorship Develepoment