Railtown Presentations

Instructors: Kate Twa,  John Cassini & Anthony Shim
Railtown Actors Studio 245 Alexander Street, Vancouver
July 21st to 23rd  
7:30pm show start, doors open at 7:00pm
Tickets: $10 at the door (cash only)

***Warning graphic content and nudity.*****


Savage in Limbo by John Patrick Shanley

with Stewart Prince

Meet Tony Aronica. He's ready to leave his old life behind. The only thing standing in his way is himself.


Hecuba by Marina Carr

With Julie Disher and Panthea Vatandoost

This modern retelling of Euripides’ The Greeks offers a counterbalance to the story of Hecuba and her daughter, Cassandra, as they endure the atrocities of war. 


Zastrozzi: The Master of Discipline by George F. Walker

with Stewart Prince , Andrea Agur and Sarah Porchetta

Sensual Mathilda captures and seeks her revenge on the pure, high born Julia to settle a love triangle involving the greatest criminal mastermind of all of Europe: Zastrozzi.


Stop Kiss by Diana Son 

With Ariel Ladret and Jocelyn Panton

Callie and Sarah battle their own confused feelings, and a violent incident, in a New York love story.


The Adventures of Nervous-Boy by James Comtois

with Donnie MacNeil, Victoria Raskin and Sarah Porchetta

In this modern horror our hero, Nervous Boy, navigates a monstrous cityin his search for love, meaning and some relief from the agony of just living.




Top Girls by Caryl Churchill

with Lauren McGibbon and Erin Boyes

Marlene returns to the country side from her high flying, career driven city life for a visit with her sister Joyce after a six year absence.


‘night Mother by Marsha Norman

With Lynda MacNeil and Laine MacNeil

Jessie prepares Mama for the aftermath of the event that needs to happen in order for them to both be free.


Lion in the Streets by Judith Thompson

With Tom Davies, Jocelyn Panton Ariel Ladret, Lionel Strasky and Piercey Dalton

Suzanne arrives at her neighbours dinner party to deliver her husband Bill some disturbing news about their son. Bill has some shocking news of his own.


Some Velvet Morning by Neil LaBute

With Samantha Schimmer and Lionel Strasky

Fred makes a desperate last effort to rekindle the feelings Velvet and he once shared.