Fall 2018 Ensemble Presentations

November 15 to 18‍‍‍, 2018


Anthony Shim, John Cassini & Edward Foy‍‍‍

$15 Tic‍‍‍kets, General Seating

‍‍‍1‍20 ‍‍‍minutes / 15min Intermission

Tickets now av‍‍‍‍‍‍ailable...

DANNY and the DEEP BLUE SEA by John Patrick Shanley

w/ James Rittinger & Karly Palmer

‍‍‍AFTER the FALL by‍‍‍ Arthur Miller

w/ Caitlin Davidson & Thomas Elms

‍‍‍THE COLLECTOR by Mark Healy

w/ Hollie Emerick & Kaiden Berge‍‍‍



ORPHEUS DESCENDING  by Tennessee Williams

w/ Taylor Nash, Millicent Noren & Tracey Roath

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍SOME VOICE‍‍‍S  by Joe Penhall

w/ Treychel Anderson & Stewart Prince

BEYOND THERAPY  by Christopher Durang

w/ Michael McDonald & Hannah Myers

ENDGAME  by Samuel Beckett

w/ Yvetta Fisher & Karly Palmer

Sc‍‍‍enes an‍‍‍d Cast

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155 East Pender Street

Vancouver, BC, V6A 1T6


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Directed by Anthony Shim‍‍‍