Lindsay Gibson

Voice Instructor

Lindsay has been studying her craft since the age of 12. Vocally, her training includes Singing, (classical, pop, jazz and musical theatre), Voice and Breathing, and Voice Over for animation.

She has won various scholarships for theatre programs and has performed for David Foster.

Lindsay graduated from the Canadian College of Performing Arts, where she was awarded the 'Spirit of the Industry' and earned the nickname ‘Rokett’ Gibson for her magnanimous personality, unwavering dedication and rocket fueled talent.

She has been studying under the mentorship of Iris Macgregor - Bannerman since 2008 and swears by the transformative techniques included in ‘Think, Breath, Speak’ – a workbook of exercises and theories developed by Iris. 

Iris MacGregor-Bannerman has enthusiastically endorsed Lindsay Gibson to teach from her acclaimed ‘Think, Breathe, Speak’ series. Lindsay is a professional actor who continues her studies at Railtown Actors Studio and beyond.