Lauren McGibbon

Improv Instructor

Lauren began her improv training in 2009 with Vancouver Theatresports, a premier short-form improv theatre on Granville Island. In 2010, she joined Instant Theatre, an improv company focused on the tradition of Chicago long-form as created by Del Close and Charna Halpurn. In 2012, Lauren worked on her craft through intensives in Los Angeles at Second City, The Groundlings, and Upright Citizens Brigade. Upon returning to Vancouver, she was welcomed to the MainStage Ensemble at Vancouver Theatresports.

Lauren began her studies at Railtown Actors Studio in 2012, training with Kate Twa, John Cassini and Dr. Iris MacGregor-Bannerman. Studying at Railtown has helped Lauren balance out her live comedy skills with a grounded honesty that has been invaluable to her film and television career.

Lauren has performed at improv festivals around the globe including Closer Each Day long-form Soap Opera in Bristol, UK; Improvaganza in Edmonton, Alberta; DüoFest in Philadelphia; Stumptown in Portland; as well as the Vancouver International Improv Festival and the Chicago International Festival. She has performed at corporate events and on cruise contracts for Princess Cruises. Lauren performs FIVE shows per week as part of Vancouver Theatresports on Granville Island.

Lauren's Film and Television credits include Game Over, Man! created by the Workaholics team, Lemony Snicketts a Series of Unfortunate Events, and Trial and Error.