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Railtown Actors Studio (and its Railtown Lab initiative) is a not for profit organization. We have thrived independently, bringing Vancouver cutting edge training, plays, guest speakers and more.

Nothing generates heat like creativity. At Railtown we support our hundreds of artists and all of their diverse passions, risks and triumphs. With your support, we will continue to cultivate great artistry and distinctive voices. 

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Mondo Giving $1000 +

A Mondo Donation to Railtown Actors Studio + Lab offers you or your company a chance to support artists in a place where it is cool to work hard in the pursuit of greatness.  A place that still believes that anything is possible – where a black box theatre can be transformed with sensory, emotion and imagination. A Mondo Donation means you believe. (If you don’t have the money for a Mondo Donation, you can send us Mondo Vibes – we’ll get them). If you wish to stay anonymous, we will respect that. If you don’t, we will bandy your name about to find lots of fun and creative ways to thank you personally. 

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Jim Goodman, writer and filmmaker

I come from New York City, where theater is as vital a part of life as the air we breathe. Granted, the air is better here, but in Vancouver, with its woefully underfunded and under appreciated artistic community, this little theater lab is a beacon of creativity and artistic integrity. I’ve seen a number of productions at Railtown, and I have never failed to be impressed by the quality, commitment, craft, and ingenuity that have gone into each and every one of them. Their dramatic explorations are unique, stimulating, thought-provoking, inspiring, and challenging. The Railtown actors, directors, writers are dedicated, serious artists—the kind of artists a community like Vancouver desperately needs in order to thrive and evolve. If you live in or near Vancouver and you have any interest in the performing arts and dramatic theatre, you owe it to yourself and the community you care about to support the Railtown Group. Whether you get involved by contributing directly to their funding efforts or by attending their excellent productions, you will be richly rewarded by their ongoing efforts to challenge themselves and their audiences. 

Landon Liborion, actor and musician

The Railtown Actors Studio is an open door to a community of courageous exploration. It provides a creative safe ground for you to develop and flourish in your own imagination while teaching the importance of comradely amongst peers. I consider myself fortunate to have witnessed the work done by so many on this stage.

Judy Lee, casting director

As a casting director in Vancouver, I am always eager and impressed with the level of training that emerges from Railtown Actor's Studio. The support and inspiration provided by the faculty produces brave and professional performers. Railtown Lab further evolves that development and talent by providing a venue to produce innovative works. I applaud how Railtown guides talent into finding their voice and then a stage to communicate the voice they have discovered and cultivated.

Jennifer Beals, actor

Sometimes in the early process of creating a character I feel like I'm circling the castle looking for a way in. There are the initial impulses which are like treasures but in breaking down the entire arc and having an initial sense of flow there are times I just need to talk to someone I trust. For me that person has always been John Cassini. When I get stuck, or am afraid, or am afraid of getting stuck I call John and we talk about the material. His insights never cease to amaze me. He has such a lucid, grounded, powerful gift for analyzing text. He never tries to direct you; instead John asks all the right questions, and unveils clear paths so that you can see and DO more clearly. He is an invaluable friend and colleague.



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