Corporate Giving

Vancouver’s screen industry feeds our province a whopping $3 billion annually, while our local independent creative community starves. Exorbitant rents, cost of living increases and lack of direction drive much of our talent south of the border. We can’t afford this trend. It hollows out our city, depriving it of the energy a thriving arts culture creates.

A partnership with Railtown Actors Studio links your company with a brand that honors the classics while continually reaching for that cutting edge – and drawing blood. It offers your company a chance to perform important civic leadership in an arena where it is cool to work hard in the pursuit of greatness. Railtown Actors Studio will customize a package to fit the needs and priorities of your company.

Season Sponsorship

Benefactor Season Sponsors ($50,000 and above)

Contribute significantly to the courses, plays and programming at Railtown. Receive the highest level of corporate exposure and the chance to play a leadership role. Enjoy year-long brand recognition that aligns with Railtown productions and courses through season-long advertising, lobby signage, and more.

Lab Sponsorship

Corporate Production Sponsor ($25,000 and above)

Entertain your top clients or provide great events for employees with one-of-a-kind events and exposure to great plays and artists, and position your company as a cultural leader. Deliver an experience at Railtown unlike anywhere in the city!

As a Corporate Production Sponsor, your company’s contribution gains you access to Railtown actors, ensemble and behind-the-scenes experiences. Match your brand with an exciting, vibrant new play, and design custom entertaining events for a special night at the theatre around the production.

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For more information about how you can contribute to our studio, contact:

Mary Beach
Media & Sponsorship Develepoment