Our experienced instructors offer professional private coaching and taping services. Coaching sessions can be at our studio, through Skype, or on set. Audition tapings are shot in HD and are uploaded to a link including the actor’s headshot, resume and agent contact information.

*Please note*
Choose a coach and contact them directly (one at a time please). Once you have confirmed your time, send your current headshot and resume to Send sides and breakdown to your coach. As we shoot in high definition, tapings take time to render. Please inform us of your taping deadline and give us as much time as possible.

For general coaching inquiries regarding classes, please contact

John Cassini

John's had the unique experience of being a teacher, audition coach and on set acting coach as well as a working actor for the last 30 years in the U.S and Canada, This allows him to bring an elaborate set of tools to help the actor find the most realized work possible in the short amount of time usually allotted.

Coaching or Coaching/Taping $80/hour, $45/half hour

Please contact John directly for a coaching at

Edward Foy

Edward was born into a family of actors, in Brisbane Australia. He has trained, studied, worked internationally and brings this wealth of knowledge to his coachings. 

Coaching or Coaching/Taping $70/hour, $40/half hour

Please Contact Edward directly for a coaching at

Anthony Shim

Anthony brings a wide range of experience having worked as an actor and director in Vancouver for the past decade. His willingness to work with each actor until they get the right take keeps clients coming back to coach with him.

Coaching or Coaching/Taping

$70/hour, $40/half hour

Please contact Anthony directly for a coaching at