‍‍‍"Sometimes in the early process of creating a character I feel like I'm circling the castle looking for a way in. There are the initial impulses which are like treasures but in breaking down the entire arc and having an initial sense of flow there are times I just need to talk to someone I trust. For me that person has always been John Cassini. When I get stuck, or am afraid, or am afraid of getting stuck I call John and we talk about the material. His insights never cease to amaze me. He has such a lucid, grounded, powerful gift for analyzing text. He never tries to direct you; instead John asks all the right questions, and unveils clear paths so that you can see and DO more ‍‍‍clearly. He is an invaluable friend and colleague."

Jennifer Beals

(Flashdance, L-Word, Book of Eli)

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍"John Cassini and I go back a long way, to Da Vinci's Inquest where he made an indelible impression when I first cast him, enough so that I brought him back for a longer arc. I cast him again on a show I did for CBS, as a series lead opposite Joe Pantaliano. The two of them together were riveting. When we made Intelligence, he was cast as Ronnie Delmonico and was again unforgettable. John's acting skills are renowned, and his dedication to the job at hand second to none, as he brings disti‍‍‍nct unique characterizations to every thing he does. As an alumni of the famous Actors Studio, John continues his training in that great school of top flight actors. As an actor, teacher and coach, his reputation is gold."

Chris Haddock

(Davinci's Inquest, Intelligence, Boardwalk Empire)

‍‍‍"To me acting at its purest is about giving. John Cassini personifies that for me. I remember a few years back we were working together on this mini series. It was a tough scene and I was having a particularly rough time getting to where I needed to be in it. A few choice word‍‍‍s‍‍‍ from him and suddenly anything was possible. He saved my ass that day. I will never forget it. I hope one day I can give back a fraction of what he has given me."  

Elias Koteas

(Thin Red Line, Zodiac, Curious Case of Benjamin Button)


Artis‍‍‍tic Director

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍John Cassini‍‍‍‍‍‍

Besides having an award-winning, busy and formidable Film and TV career for over 25 years, John has never lost his passion for theatre. He was a founding member of the 3rd Street Theater in Los Angeles where he appeared in Edmond, Geography Of A Horse Dreamer, One For The Road, They Shoot Horses Don't They? and Cash Deal (Actors Studio). In Vancouver, God Of Carnage (Vancouver Playhouse) and Rabbit Hole (Arts Club). In 2016 John co-founded Haberdashery Theatre Company whose inaugural and critically acclaimed production of The Motherf**ker with The Hat by Stephen Adly Guirgis garnered several Jessie Theatre Award nominations including "Best Actor" for John.

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Most recently, John’s passion and 20 years of teaching experience has led to being an on-set acting coach as well as a producer of several feature films and TV movies. He is a proud lifetime member of the Actors Studio in New York and LA and  is thrilled to call Vancouver his home‍‍‍ and‍‍‍ the Railtown community his artistic oasis.  

For an extended list of Film and TV credits, please refer to IMDB.COM.  You can also learn more about John at his website: johncassini.com

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