2‍‍018 Winter Intensi‍‍‍ve

Ja‍‍‍nuary  5‍ to 21, 2018

with  Kate Twa,  John Cassini‍‍,  Edward Foy  &  Kendra Anderson

Studying at Railtown.

If you wish to study at Railtown Actors Studio and have not yet trained with us, we'll first i‍‍‍nvite you to come in for an interview with one of our instructors. Send us an email and we'll set it up.

Why do you interview?

The interview is meant for you as much as it is meant for us. It gives you an opportunity to check out the studio for yourself, meet some of our staff and discuss your goals in training with one of our instructors. You can ask questions about our classes and the studio in general. You'll also present a monologue that you've prepared from a play of your choice. You can really have some fun with this! Prepare your chosen monologue to the very best of your ability and present it on the Railtown stage. The instructor interviewing you will work on it with you and, while our instructors vary in their style, this will give you a clear sense of our overall philosophy and approach to The Work. This also ensures that the right class is recommended to you, especially because we know each of our student's abilities well: new and longterm alike, all have been interviewed in the same way. ** The entire interview process takes 15 to 20 minutes.

Can I audit a class?

Our interview process is for anyone who w‍ould like to take part in a class but as a general rule, we are not an open-for-all-to-audit sort of studio. ‍‍We put a lot of respect into the space for our students to work, to fail, to discover and to make mistakes. The dynamic of that space changes when someone not in the class is simply there to watch.

The best way to audit our classes is to attend the presentations that some classes put on at the end of a semester.

Check out our Presentations page for more info.

‍‍‍Railtown Actors ‍‍‍Studio

155 East Pender Street

Vancouver, BC, V6A 1T6



This Intensive requires participants to real ALL the plays and other materials that will be studied throughout the course. At Railtown we believe reading enriches our lives and awareness, and reading plays is an essential element of an actor's journey which will also enhance your learning of other skills.

Speak and Move with Kendra Anderson

Railtown is pleased to welcome Kendra Anderson as part of our Voice and Movement team. Kendra will be conducting vocal training and movement warm ups, connecting and strengthening actors emotionally and physically. Kendra will be combining Dr. Iris MacGregor-Bannerman's "Think, Breathe, Speak" series with yoga movements focusing on breath, body awareness, strength, flexibility, alignment and stress management.

Character Development with John Cassini

After careful text analysis and research, actors will explore the depths of the characters by pa‍‍‍rticipating in privacy exercises. Powerful tools of relaxation, sensory, along with various exercises and improvisations will develop the character's inner life, help explore the given circumstances of play and prepare you to fully dive into the scene.

Clown with Edward Foy

We will play. We will explore. We will pull down the sacred and revel in the grotesque. Your fears, inadequacies and ridiculousness will be your playthings - and the playthings of those about you.

Play Study with Kate Twa.

During Play Study, Kate Twa uses a dynamic range of techniques developed in Railtown's Ensemble classes combined with a classical approach to rehearsal and improvisation, leading actors to take informed risks, trust their instincts and let story move through them.


This work will be presented over five performances at Studio 1398 on Granville Island January 19, 20 and 21.

Instructor: Kate Twa, John Cassini, Edward Foy, Kendra Anderson

Where: Railtown Actors Studio,

‍‍‍15‍‍‍5 East Pender, Vancouver

When: Jan.5 to Jan.21, 2018

Time: 9am to 6pm daily + tech + Presentations

Total Cost: $1375 (GST incl)

Deposit: $500 (GST incl.)

Payments: A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to secure a place in the class. The remaining $875 is due on the first day of class, January 5th.

To participate in this class in the future or for more informa‍‍‍tion, please email us at: admin@railtownactors.com‍‍‍

**  Mature Conte‍‍‍nt Advisory  **

**  This class is now full  **

Railtown's Winter Intensive is a compr‍‍‍ehensive 17-day professiona‍‍‍l tr‍‍‍aining course led by Kate Twa, John Cassini, Edward Foy and Kendra Anderson.